Sandero’s Charity Project

All bits help..

 The devastating wildfire crisis in Australia actually triggered me. I got an idea, finally re-build the old homepage and make my complete DJ set collection available.. for a small donation fee.

100% of profits from all downloads will go to an animal charity project.

Because of the corona crisis all other problems in the world like in Australia unfortunately have faded to the background, but all support is still urgently needed and very welcome.

Starting small, the first goal was to adopt a Koala, or one of the other animals.

As I (and probably you as well) like to see what really happens with any donations, my next goal is a more local, but definitely not less important approach:

Local Bird and Hedgehog Care Center

This Bird and Hedgehog Care Center takes in injured/sick birds and hedgehogs. When the animals are strong and healthy again, they will give them back their freedom in nature.

Unfortunately I regularly find a wounded bird, hit and abandoned on the road or caught by the neighbor’s kicked out cat. Every time I visit the bird sanctuary to bring the bird it is moving to see how the volunteers work with heart and soul to help the animals over there.

Therefore I am very happy I could bring a first donation to them:)

Many thanks everyone for your donation!

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.

  • Any updates about the donations I will publish on the page.
  • Anyone who has downloaded something can choose whether they want to show their (nick) name on this page.
$180 Koala Adoption Goal
$220 Local bird sanctuary
€ 100,- Local bird sanctuary

Recent donations

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